2009-05-09 22:45:13 by Hitorio

Check there frequently for news, practice anims, etc. I won't be posting anything on NG for a long time.


2009-04-12 22:32:39 by Hitorio

CCT 3 will be a strong opponent to fight, which is why I'm (kinda) pausing production to train my skills on the side, hoping to learn new techniques. I keep most of my training files to myself, but I've shown a couple of things on my DeviantArt account.

As a side note, my sound problems involved creating the right balance for a euphonic movie; I needed to find out how to not make my movies limited in terms of sound...but I guess I'll improve on that as well.

Training makes strength.
*Teleports to Homework*

New Challenge

2009-03-22 21:03:35 by Hitorio

This new challenge is sound.
I suck at directing sound on Flash, and this cripples it massively.
I'm not sure how to overcome this obstacle, but I will find a way. I must.


2009-02-12 15:56:35 by Hitorio

CCT = Created Characters' Tournament, the series that I am now starting. See the Flash for details.

Color and Sound

2008-10-29 07:22:52 by Hitorio

I've learned that even with nifty looking animation, my movies don't add up to much without color and sound. Unfortunately, those are my weak areas, so if anyone that's skilled at coloring want's to collaborate with me, drop a PM in my box.